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I have always found myself pulled between the world of fashion, the Arts and my insatiable obsession with interior design, believing that  the arts, interior design and fashion are not only complementary but coexist harmoniously. 


These industries have never been more intertwined than they are today. With easy access to what is current in fashion,  consumers correlate their sartorial choices with the way they invest and style their homes.


In my career spanning well over a decade of international work experience in leading fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands, I continue to wear a variety of hats. I have served as Editorial Director,, Art Director, Editorial Designer and Graphic Designer  for numerous influential publications and independent magazines. 


The ability to work with some of the best talents within the industry over the years has been my greatest privilege, alongside the experience and knowledge I have gained in doing so.


In my role as an artist and visual designer, my inspirations have continually been influenced by art, fashion, architecture, literature and philosophy, which are all aspects of what has historically inspired me and has been the catalyst to Launching London & Velveteen.



JESSIE COSTELLO-Founder of London and Velveteen

Creative Director, Art Director & Principal Designer

London & Velveteen is a collective boutique creative atelier specializing within the lifestyle, fashion and luxury sector. Creating authentic brand identities for contemporary brands through brand identity, editorial-driven storytelling and strategic market expansion.

We cultivate bespoke communications through a diverse network and collaborative ecosystem of creative minds; Collectively spanning a wide range of disciplines from artists, photographers, stylists + models to set designers and thinkers of the future.


Collectively, we bring a unique combination of skill sets to the table, seamlessly complementing one another, providing a wide variety of distinguished services to our clients. 


Each of us has been an integral part of the lifestyle, fashion and luxury sector for over a decade and have been featured and published in some of the most prestigious lifestyle publications.


Throughout everything we do, we bring our diverse backgrounds, specialized talents, unique skills and tailored services to the forefront for each client.

The results; A brand identity that reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of your designs and represents you, your vision, and your values.

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Jessie Costello-Founder of London and Velveteen
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